Monday, December 14, 2015

An #Outsider Newsflash (Daily Edition) : The latest on one of our Kickstarter Projects (NFC Ring)

Our team has been on the "Prowl" this morning working away as we just received two key updates on one of the projects we've backed thru Kickstarter:   NFC Ring.  We eagerly await its' arrival.



Shipping begins!
Posted by John McLear
TLDR; Today (Monday the 14th of Dec) we began shipping backers rings.
This is just a quick update as we're flat out handling fulfilment.
Tired John holding full shipping bagsTired John holding full shipping bags
Thanks to everyone who has supported us with testing, packing & fulfilment so far!  We worked tirelessly last week and over the weekend to get rings tested, packed and ready to ship.  Mondaymorning will be the first time the rings hit the postal system.
We will send you a message once we have put your tracking number into our system, this happens ~24 hours after we ship your ring. 
Our priority is fulfilling and this means providing you tracking information will happen only when we can't be fulfilling orders, hopefully you guys can understand why we would do this.
Please don't message us asking if we have shipped your ring. When you get a message with your tracking number in - your reward has already been posted and is on it's way!



Fulfilment update!
Posted by John McLear 
Hey guys,
Some 2016 Rings on the shelves
Some 2016 Rings on the shelves
TLDR; Starting Shipping Monday!   Delays caused by new KS system.

The New Kickstarter behaviour we didn't expect.

We're 99.9% ready to start shipping the first batch of rings. We logged on to Kickstarter and clicked a button that freezes address changes to prepare for label printing. This is a new button on Kickstarter (since our last campaign anyway) that when clicked will give you 48 hours to change/update your address.  This means that we can't print any shipping labels until that 48 hours is up :(  We're about to go through and click these buttons now, giving you a final chance to change your address and we will print shipping labels on Monday.
Note that for non Ring shipments (ie: inlay only pledges rewards) we didn't use this system, so this really did come as a surprise to us!  Boo!

What's packed?

All Horizon rings are now packed.  Most Helios rings are packed and tomorrow we're finishing packing the Eclipse rings.  It's been a long slog with a LOT of people helping out.

So when will shipping commence?

Basically Monday(14th) should be our big first major shipping day with tracking numbers and fulfilment status' being updated on either Monday evening or Tuesday.

And when will I get my NFC Ring?

Assuming your ring ships on the 14th it should be in most countries for Christmas, but we all know how hectic the postal systems get at this time of year. In any case, you will be able to track your ring with a tracking number to keep an eye on it's progress!  UK Folks will get their rings really quickly after posting.

How did the QA testing go?

We're going to put out a separate update about QA testing rates once we have fulfilment done and we have some spare time.  Right now we're all pushing 14+ hour days and we're 100% committed to fulfilment (obviously excluding these updates!)

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