Tuesday, January 5, 2016

An #Outsiders Newsflash (1/5/2015): The Latest on Our Kickstarter Projects....

It has been quite a week in #Outsides as we have been on the "Virtual Beat" with the latest from Iran and other on-going initiatives.    We are very pleased to report that we're "Virtually Breathless" but enjoy every minute of it.

We wanted to make sure we report on the latest on one of +Kickstarter projects:  



Hi guys, happy new year to you all!
Posted by Pierre Charlier
KeyDuino PCBs production is finally completed! :D

We now have to receive the rest of components before assembling the boards.
Then, we'll have to do the quality check, tests and packaging of your orders ; you should hopefully receive them by February :)
For antennas, the color will be red, as decided by the vote on the forum ; their production has just begun.
KeyDuino team

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