Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Notations On Our World: On #SolarImpluse and other brief thoughts

One of the higlights of 2015 for us was reporting on the adventures of the Solar Impulse.  We just received this at our Virtual Studios and look forward to reporting on it over the ensuing days especially as we also will be reporting on the so-called "4th Industrial Revolution" as #Davos2016 begins...

Exciting times!!
BRING IT ON 2016!Our new year’s resolution has been ready since July: finish the Round-The-World tour we started in March 2015. Test flights will begin in Hawaii in February, before the plane is ready to take off at the end of April. And from there? Solar Impulse 2 will cross the rest of the Pacific, the United States, the Atlantic, Europe, before landing in Abu Dhabi, our host city. Due to the increasingly unpredictable weather, there will be a lot of improvisation along the way, but that’s also what will make the adventure so stimulating!
Discover the full roadmap
HAPPY NEW YEAR!2015 finished in a great way, with the success of the UN Paris Climate Conference COP21 for which the #solarTEAM worked very hard. 
This makes us all the more keen and eager to continue the Round-the-World tour and keep demonstrating the power of clean technologies. The first part of the adventure was fantastic but we intend to make the second one legendary! So we hope you’ll be following us, and for the time being, the pilots wish you and your family all the best for 2016.Watch the video
2015 FLASHBACKWith the first part of the Round-The-World tour, 2015 was very intense for André Borschberg, which is why he would like to share some of this year’s moments with you. 
The crossing of the Pacific which lasted 5 days and nights, the discovery of so many countries and people, the Paris Climate Conference COP21, are of course on the list, but he also wanted to evoke some more personal events like his becoming a grandfather, or his introduction to Vipassana, 10 days of silent and intensive meditation.Read his Top 16
SOLUTIONS ARE HEREEven if climate change didn’t exist, it would still make sense to switch to renewable energies and clean technologies. 
Why? Because they’re a great economic and industrial opportunity which will create profit and jobs of course! But to ensure this transition goes well, there are five things we cannot do without: diversification, storage, profitability, energy efficiency, and a legal framework. Without forgetting a key ingredient: ambition!Discover the recipe
ADVENTURERS OF THE YEAROur two pilots are on National Geographic’s list of nominees for the 2016 Adventurers of the Year! 
Being elected would reward their efforts to place dreams and emotions back at the heart of scientific adventures, and all we need for that is a little vote once a day until the 31st of January. Thanks for your support!Vote here

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