Sunday, February 7, 2016

Notations From the Grid (W-End Edition): "Not Being a Bystander".....

It is SuperBowl here in the United States.     One of our recently featured Artists of the Week, ColdPlay will be performing at the half-time show which is one of the most spectacular shows ever produced--and it gets better every year.     

As Super Bowl 50 got under way, the team +Global Citizen which we support wholeheartedly sent this call to action out to take the pledge which we are privileged to share:

What do Beyoncé and Coldplay have in common?

They’re both Global Citizens.

Beyoncé is a champion for girls’ education and co-founded CHIME FOR CHANGE for girls and women around the world.

Coldplay’s Chris Martin is the musical curator of the Global Citizen Festival until 2030: the world’s deadline for ending extreme poverty.

Oh yeah, and they both headlined the Global Citizen Festival in September. The commitments made on stage that day are set to improve the lives of more than 92 million people.

Here's more from Chris:

We don’t know which team you want to win the Super Bowl.

But we’re all on the same team when it comes to the Global Goals to tackle the world’s biggest challenges: stopping climate change, fighting injustice and inequality, and ending poverty.

Don’t be a bystander. Join Beyoncé and Coldplay. Take action and sign the pledge.

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