Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Notations On Our World: On Big Oil & Brief Thoughts On The Environment

It is earnings season and the Oil Companies are not doing well at all.  Chevron has posted a loss and is set to be cutting on all fronts.   Exxon-Mobil has also been challenged as well with its' latest earnings reports as BP just also came out with its' earnings report with the biggest loss in history.    

Our team caught BP's CEO on how he was "optimistic" about the future based on his assessment.    Although his optimism may be welcome to the existing investors, we believe his optimism is not warranted with the current realities.    As we went to press, Oil again dropped.    We  found it of special interest though as we saw one of the leading mining companies committed to a future which should also give pause to the Oil Companies: 

Anglo American Platinum puts $4m into fuel cell vehicle value chain
BY: MARTIN CREAMER Platinum mining company Anglo American Platinum (Amplats) is investing $4-million to help reduce the cost of fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) ownership and lay the foundation for the mass adoption of zero-emission fuel cell technology. The JSE-listed company said on Friday that the investment... Full Article

The reality around the Globe though continues to be challenging and we look forward to doing what we can to help spruce on the dialogue because we have a profound challenge before us: 

NOAA and NASA have both confirmed what scientists have been predicting for months:2015 was globally the hottest year ever recorded (and the direct temperature records date back to 1880). But what else did scientists determine about the state of the climate in 2015? Find out in this blog post.

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