Thursday, February 18, 2016

View of the Week: On Listening to Teams

One of our must reads here in #Outsiders is Verne's Insights.    We ran across
 this excerpt which we thought was of particular significance:

Fear of Speaking Up -- this is what killed Nokia, according to research published in INSEAD's magazine. Once a leader, this is a brand that has quickly decayed due primarily to senior leadership bravado and an unwillingness to hear and face the brutal facts. Middle management, which could see the problems, were too fearful to speak up. Take 3 minutes to read this sobering account of what killed an iconic brand and then reflect on your own organizational health. Thank you to Georg v. Laffert, our coaching partner in Germany, for pointing me to this article. 

When there is that "fear", it forestalls the creation of the ultimate vision of the possible.     This is a lesson that is to be learned by all.

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