Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Notations From the Grid: On the State of the #Unicorns....

One of the number of initiatives we assess on a daily basis is the so-called "Unicorns Club" that have been at the forefront of interesting ideas to help create the ultimate "Vision of the Possible".   However, one of the Unicorns has run into some challenges as noted in this newsflash we received courtesy of IndustryWeek:

Theranos Tests Miss the Mark in New Study

The study will likely add to scrutiny of the medical testing disruptor, founded by entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes. 

Theranos has struggled to regain credibility ever since the Wall Street Journal published a series of articles questioning its 'finger prick' lab tests. 

We will be assessing the state of the Unicorns here in #Visions over the ensuing weeks and months.

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