Tuesday, April 25, 2017

View of the Week: On Climate Change, Science & Other Thoughts

Earth Day was celebrated around the World on Saturday, April 22.   This included a March For Science as Scientists around the World sought to underscore the critical link that Science plays in our World.      Our Community of Laguna Niguel celebrated Earth Day as the Community came together to work in the Niguel Botannical Preserve.

Mother Earth continues to face profound challenges as our team noted in our Earth Day Notations throughout our Network.   What we find so interesting is how the World is stepping up to deal with it in very interesting ways.    What China is doing is just one example of it:  

This is as we are seeing the continued strides being made by the likes of Tesla and other players who are striving to transform our Earth without waiting for Washington to respond.    We look forward to be witness to and reflect upon this journey of transformation.

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