Friday, July 27, 2018

Notations From the Grid (Special Friday Edition): A Newsflash re: The "FANG's"

It has been quite a week in "Tech World" as two members of the so called "FANG's, Facebook & Amazon came out with earnings.   Amazon's profit streak is continuing as Facebook came crashing down after it warned that growth is slowing down that wiped off $ 118 Billion Dollars off its' value in One Day.   This is as another member of the "FANG's", NetFlix earlier noted how its' subscriber base is slowing down.

Beyond the Tech Space, there is the Media Space.   Comcast dropped its' bid for 21st Century Assets as the FCC raised objections to the purchase of TRONC (Tribune) media assets by Sinclair Broadcasting.  This is also as down in Australia, FairFax Media and Number9 merged in a 4 Billion Dollar Deal. 

Truly interesting times indeed...

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