Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Notations From the Grid (Weekly Edition): #GlobalCitizens Making a Difference

On this Mid-Week here in our properties, please enjoy this snapshot of all who are truly at the forefront of creating the Vision of the Possible:

These Indian Fishermen Are Repurposing Ocean Trash 
They have already cleaned up nearly 25 tons of plastic from the ocean and are using the collected debris in the most innovative way.
This Country’s Justice Minister Is Calling for a Child Marriage Ban
He wants the country to completely ban child marriage by closing legal loopholes that currently allow children under 18 to marry.
Sweden Will Reach Its 2030 Renewable Energy Target This Year
Sweden has made significant investments in both wind power and hydropower, which has helped the country fly past its initial goals.
This Is How One Expert Wants to Solve Cape Town’s Water Crisis
One expert has a crazy plan for how to solve Cape Town’s current water crisis — and it might just work.
This Saudi Arabian Rapper Is Breaking All the Barriers
Saudi Arabian rapper Leesa just released a music video about the driving ban on women being lifted, and it’s a must-watch. 

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