Thursday, October 18, 2018

Notations From the Grid (Weekly Edition): Out & About at the International Space Station & Other #RandomThoughts


Watch U.S. Fly
The International Space Station floats 220 miles above Earth - wondrous, distant, and unreachable for everyone except astronauts.

The privilege of seeing the space station up close has previously only been extended to astronauts -- few of which are allowed on the orbital laboratory at one time.

Now, you can join this select group and see the space station in a whole new way.
Take a Tour of the International Space Station
This 3D rendering of the International Space Station allows you to tour one of mankind's greatest achievements from your couch. You can finally see what the world's only space-based laboratory is actually like.

We also hereby present the following on leadership and vision:

Conference Technologies' Meeting Rhythm -- John Laughlin, leading one of the faster growing firms in the US through an aggressive acquisition strategy, has driven execution through his daily and weekly meeting rhythm, including the all-important "council" meeting. This six-minute interview, with me, provides details including the time of his daily (8:02am), how it's structured, how it's freed up the rest of his week to do "market-facing" activities, and the broader impact of the weekly council meeting. If you're not doing the daily and hosting a weekly "council" meeting you're leaving a lot of time and money on the table.

Blitzscaling "CBS This Morning" Interview -- this 4-minute CBS interview with LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman provides an excellent overview of his new book titled Blitzscaling which was released earlier this week. At 2:45 in the interview Reid outlines four counterintuitive aspects of scaling rapidly:
  1. Embrace chaos
  2. Tolerate "bad" management
  3. Let fires burn
  4. Ignore customers
  5. Evolve your culture

He goes on to explain each and how they must exist if you want to dominate a global market quickly.  


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