Monday, August 12, 2019

Notations From the Grid (Weekly Edition): Out & About in our World

Please enjoy courtesy of the team at the Visual Capitalist: 

Sunday Digest: Last Week's Infographics

Here are all the new infographics from last week in one easy place!
Ranking the Top 100 Websites in the World
The top 100 websites ranking reveals how people around the world search for information, which services they use, and how they spend time online.
Mapped: The United States of Elevation
This stunning set of 3d maps purposefully exaggerate the elevation scale to show you the mountains of both the United States and North America.
Our Impact on Climate Change and Land Use in 5 Charts
We highlight the five most important takeaways from the IPCC's recent 1,400+ page report on climate change and land use.
Visualizing the World of Sales Technology
Sales technology tools today use AI to create personalized sales and marketing campaigns to find better prospects and close more leads.
The Evolution of Consumer Credit
See how consumer credit has evolved through the ages, from its ancient origins to the use of game-changing technologies like artificial intelligence.
Visualizing the World's Sleeping Habits
Humans need to restore and repair each night through sleep—but we never seem to get enough. Here are the stats on sleeping habits, from around the world.
This Week's Flashback Favorite:

11 Stunning Visualizations of Gold Show Its Value and Rarity
Gold packs a high amount of value in a tiny package - and these gold cube visualizations help put the  value and extreme rarity of gold in perspective.

Originally from Feb 2017

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