Wednesday, July 23, 2014

View of the Week: Comments on two Stalwarts of Tech (Microsoft & Apple)

Apple and Microsoft delivered their quarterly earnings report yesterday.    Both are organizations who have been at the forefront of Technological Innovation in a concerted way.    It is fascinating--as these data shows (Source:  the Financial Times & The Business Insider) that Apple continues to be an "iphone" Company as it gears up for Iphone 6.  The growth is slowing though.

As for Microsoft, it has begun a "lean journey" as it announced 18,000 people will be let go.   It was amazing to see the Microsoft Stock at an all time high as it tries to figure out how to continue the transformation it began under Steve Ballmer to compete in the Mobile/CLoud World that we have before us.  

Fascinating times indeed as both these companies continue to be at the forefront of preparing the ultimate "Vision of the Possible"...

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