Monday, July 21, 2014

"We don't want you here": A Plea from Israeli & Palestinians Who have lost loved ones

The War continues and earlier in the "ordinary faces" channel, comments were released. This story and clip though was truly moving. As noted by i24news, "....Israel and Palestinian family members who have lost a loved one in the conflict say directly to the camera. The sentiment is repeated over and over as the camera focuses on faces, young and old, speaking in Arabic and Hebrew - all faces of those bereaved from the death brought about by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict..." Will the World help? Over 500 Palestinians have died and 3,000 have been injured. 25 Israeli Soldiers have lost their lives. Children have been left traumatized on both sides of the conflict.   When will this insanity end? When will the pleas of these families be heard?  Can a "Vision of the possible" be realized thru all embracing each other as Brothers.   For further information on this organization that strives to create a different "vision", please visit them at

 Challenging Times...


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