Monday, March 9, 2015

Notations From the Grid: On Climate Change & #Si2

One of the organizations we follow here at the #Outsider network is    They have at the forefront of fostering and elevating the discussion on Climate Change beyond unfortunate make belief world pushed by the current political players--including the current Chairman of the US Senate Committee on Science, Senator James Inhoff of Oklahoma.    The article published by +Naomi Klein Naomi Klein in +The Guardian  of London and featured on 's Facebook page is a true call to action here and now:

The question is whether we have to courage to wake up now or not to insure that a true "Vision of the Possible is created.     There is hope though as the team at +SOLAR IMPULSE launched #SI2 which just landed in Oman as it flies around the World without a single drop of fuel on a plane that is the weight of a 4x4 with 17,000 Solar cells with the wing span of a 747 as it graces the sky over our Mother Earth:

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