Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Apple Juggernaut Plows On: On-Going Developments & Thoughts

Apple has had quite a quarter.   It has continued to beat all kinds of Records and it will replace AT&T on the Dow on March 19.    It is Kind of Ironic as it was AT&T that gave Apple a break as it negotiated an exclusive arrangement initially as iphone came to the market a long time ago.
Apple has also been the first company to be on its' way to almost a Trillion Dollar Valuation.   It is bigger than many ,many countries around the World.     March 9 was another seminal day as the #Outsider Team joined the live March 9 Apple Event.   

It was challenging, at times, to listen to the Webcast.   The high degree of interest was quite understandable as Tim Cook once again took the stage to reflect upon a record shattering few months and the continued breaktaking speed that Apple has continued to grow.   Some interesting highlights:

  • New MAC's were rolled out--Including a Gold One.    The LED lighthing on the keyboard and a USB-C (which can be utilized to have a display, HDMI & VGA cables) were prominent.
  • Apple Pay continues to make headway w/apparently 2500 Establishments engaged and growing
It all concluded with Christy Turlington being on stage as Apple Watch came out starting at $ 349 with a high end at $ 17,000.   The team at +Business Insider Intelligence team put together this perceptive chart of what the expectations are right now: 

They are noting that one of out of every 20 iphone owners will buy an Apple Watch and Apple will have 40% of the Smartwatch Market.   They are suggesting that the Market will peak out around 2017 with cheaper alternatives available by 2020.  We here @ #outsiders disagree because we have already seen the traction The Pebble Watch has had and already the products brought out by the likes of LG and others.    It will be fascinating to see the progress, though.   B 

Beyond the products, Apple has some minefields to navigate through especially with App Store Revenue and iTunes as again noted by the Team at the +Business Insider  recently: 

 We agree with +Business Insider's assessment that Apple's Streaming Service expected to be launched to compete with Spotify will help to mitigate some of the iTunes revenue especially.     This is as Apple Pay continues to gain further traction.   

Fascinating to be witness to history.......

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