Monday, October 12, 2015

View of the Week: On Climate Change....

We experienced a heatwave in Orange County, California (our Home county) this weekend.   This is as we are in the midst of October and supposed to be on the "cool side".   Other parts of Southern California experienced triple digit tempreatures--although we're supposed to be witness to "rain".

This timely thought from +TED was quite on target as our World continues to be witness On the profound challenge of climate change.    For the Vision of the Possible to be sustained and enhanced, the admonitions discussed here must be embraced--The question is whether the courage is there to do it especially as the countdown to the Paris Conference is at hand:  

Imagine the hottest day you've ever experienced. Now imagine it's six, 10 or 12 degrees hotter. According to climate researcher Alice Bows-Larkin, that's the type of future in store for us if we don't significantly cut our greenhouse gas emissions now. She suggests that it's time we do things differently—a whole system change, in fact—and seriously consider trading economic growth for climate stability. Watch »

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