Monday, March 21, 2016

Notations On Our World: An #Outsiders Newsflash on #Apple

As we went to press, we are awaiting the advent of the new Apple Event later on this afternoon whereby a smaller footprint iPhone is expected to be unveiled.    There are apparent other interesting announcements (focused on the Apple Watch as well).   We will assess these over the next day or so as we await the rollout at 1 Infinite Loop!!!

The live event has already started and it began with Tim Cook noting that Apple will not back down on its' fight with the Federal Government on the privacy fight--and now there is talk on the environment and how they are now briefing the world on one important milestone:  93% of of all facilities are on renewables--100% renewable in 23 countries around the World.   They talked about building a 40 Megawatt Solar Farm without disturbing the local environment while powering all Apple facilities.    This is quite a milestone and we here @#outsiders congratulate Apple.  

As there were announcements on Health, there was also an interesting announcement on Apple Watch: A price drop to $ 299 and now there is the big announcement on the iPhone SE at $ 399 available on March 31 and available in 100 Countries by the end of May.  

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