Sunday, March 20, 2016

Notations On Our World (weekend edition): On Humanity at Work in the Olympic Movement

Refugee athletes on the road to Rio
The Olympic Logo (Source:

We have been following with great interest the plans by the International Olympic Committee to create a team  of  Refugee Olympians for the upcoming Olympic Games. Our team was so moved by this wonderful gesture to acknowledge humanity in action. As reported in the Olympic Movements Website, "....Three promising athletes have already been identified, including a female swimmer from Syria presently in Germany; a male Congolese judoka in Brazil; and a female Iranian taekwondo fighter now in Belgium. In cooperation with the relevant International Federations (IFs), the IOC is now evaluating their athletic abilities to determine whether they could qualify for the Games..."  

We look forward to commenting on this over the ensuing weeks.    We congratulate the Olympic Movement for this fantastic initiative that the Olympic Movement has committed to spend over 3 Million Dollars to field a team.   It is such stories that gives us hope that creating the "Vision of the Possible" is there as long as there is the will and the courage.

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